Fondation Chantal Akerman Website Online

The Fondation Chantal Akerman has made its new website publicly available. It's still a work in progress that's being developed in collaboration with CINEMATEK, but it will, over time, become an archive of everything concerning the filmmaker, including where to find and how to be able to exhibit, screen, read or publish all Chantal Akerman’s works, being they films, books or installations. In short, it aims at becoming in the next months a reference and a key resource for all those who study, research, love or want to discover Akerman’s oeuvre. Visitors will also be able to follow CINEMATEK's ongoing efforts to collect, conserve and restore all of her works. Most interestingly, one section of the website will keep on making available some highlights from the paper and photographic archives of Chantal Akerman and Paradise Films that are conserved at CINEMATEK and are currently being catalogued, organized and digitized.


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