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NL FR EN is a free online magazine founded in 2013. Sabzian is a cinephile’s guide for Belgium and its environs, offering a platform for writing on cinema and image culture. Since its inception, the website has expanded significantly. Although Sabzian is funded by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund and Flemish Community Commission, the funding isn’t sufficient to support this growth. The platform relies on the work of a group of volunteers, mostly independent filmmakers who spend a lot of time and resources on the development and maintenance of the website and its contents. Your support can help us maintain our quality standards and provide the means to pay for the work of our volunteers.

Sabzian publishes articles, conversations, Prismas and dossiers, translates texts, curates a film agenda, publishes notes and film pages, organizes events and screenings, supports a network of events, screenings and exhibitions, compiles publications, …

With the exception of the printed publications, all information and texts are freely accessible.

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