Il court, il court, le monde

Il court, il court, le monde

John, a TV director, runs at a frantic pace between the programme he is working on and Sophie, the woman he loves: a tale of speed.


“The short film Il court il court le monde (1987) could be seen as the official beginning of the Dardennes’ career as fiction filmmakers. Falsch was considered a television film or a semidocumentary and was  financed to a large extent by the Belgian theater commission. This status explains the existence of Il court il court le monde; for at the time, the Commission for the Selection of Films of the French community required the submission of a short work from all filmmakers applying for funding of a feature. The brothers submitted the twelve-minute Il court il court le monde so that they could make their next film, Thinking of You (1992). Appropriately, the narrative, which recounts a day in the life of a producer of a television program, takes the act of filmmaking as its main subject.”

Joseph Mai1


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