Étude cinégraphique sur une arabesque

Étude cinégraphique sur une arabesque

Visual structure composed of variations on the arabesque: arcs of light, water spouts, spider webs, burgeoning trees, flowers and foliage, a woman's smile, arms stretching, an arm giving rhythm to a rocking chair.


“When making a film, the story is usually put in the foreground while the image stays in the background, that is, theater is preferred over cinema. When the relationship will be inversed, cinema will begin to live according to its proper meaning. The struggle of an image held captive in the deepest sense to its orchestration, against the literary, dramatic error. The whole problem of cinema is contained in the word ‘visualization’. The future belongs to the film that cannot be told. The Seventh Art, the one of the screen, is depth made sensitive and visual, which extends beyond story, analogous to the indescribable of music. Such a conception necessarily leads to a revision of cinegraphic themes.”

Germaine Dulac, conference, October 13, 1928